GestureStorm™ is Cybernet Systems' family of products that allow TV meteorologists to control their on-air weather displays through purposeful gestures. For example, by using a circular hand motion around a city, a meteorologist can “tell” the computer to zoom in on a specific suburb for a more detailed look, or move to an entirely new map with a hand movement to the right. This provides for more spontaneity and reduces both errors and the time required to prepare severe weather information for broadcast.

The GestureStorm™ management system enables the meteorologist to use hand gestures and body movements to control the computerized visual effects. Use of this system allows the meteorologist to reduce his or her preparation time significantly. Instead of scripting an on-air report where the timing of computerized maps is memorized, a weathercaster can now directly display the weather picture in real time as it is happening. This provides a substantial competitive edge in illustrating weather patterns or tracking severe late breaking storms.

Cybernet’s GestureStorm™ is designed specifically for controlling Baron Services FasTrac® and VIPIR® software programs. The GestureStorm™ system leverages Cybernet’s patented technology in vision tracking and gesture recognition. It allows the operator to control Baron Service's software through a combination of hand motions in front of a green or blue screen and button clicks on a wireless remote.

During severe weather, it's important to get weather information on air as quickly as possible. By using GestureStorm™, the meteorologists can eliminate the time formerly required to memorize when and where weather and Doppler radar maps will appear on the monitor. With GestureStorm™, the meteorologist can now control the pace of the visuals and even incorporate spontaneous close-ups with simple hand movements that seem natural to the viewing public.



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